16 Jul 2016

Dear night snacking

Honestly I had a hard time falling asleep last night. As always something new and exciting keeps your head buzzing no matter was it brekkie time or 3 am in the morning. In my case just put those two together and you find out my secret habit; dear night snacking  (if someone missed it). Eating my cereal in bed, suffering from "restless mind" - insomnia and feeling the jealousy building up in my body when listening to the snoring little dog next to my bed. Though it's hard not to feel little joy looking at that happy, peaceful, innocent little soul sleeping like a hairy baby.  (I doubt the bliss had also little something to do with the sweet, crunchy, delicious piece of heaven in your mouth slowly finding its way to my belly. Oh cravings...) 

Since I'm probably the biggest fan of my own writings at the moment  (self-pity)  I think I'll tell more about myself in the following texts. To open up a little bit I'm pretty sure this ain't gonna be another fashion - fitness - lifestyle -blog  (I've nothing against them don't get me wrong, I enjoy and read quite many myself!)  It's just my fashion sense is what it is and I don't take my "fitness"- life too seriously  (haha). Okay don't want to lie to you people. I actually love exercising and I used to compete almost a decade in swimming at my younger years  (as I'm so very old now...) . So nowadays just trying to keep it active and healthy by exercising casually and eating normally. 

Off to lunch-dinner. Bye!

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