15 Jul 2016

The awkward first post


To strike down "the-awkward-first-post" -stigma  (that rarely occurs as well as planned)  let's just start with few teeny tiny facts and keep things simple. Firstly, welcome to Little Bit Finnish. As the name reveals the poet behind these words is very rare species; wild, independent and ambitious Finnish female figure  (read: little, blonde, sometimes anxious but often smiley 20-something lady)  who considers herself sarcastic and creative at times. Naturally my native language is Finnish so excuse my grammar  (or if you know the heck about grammar either I know we'll get along.)  Okay I'm joking. I'm actually pretty decent at English thanks to our five star Finnish education program and Wright brothers (the inventors of airplanes = comfy and painless travels).

So the main cause behind this blog is (arguably) pure lack of social life, will to exercise some verbal self-expression (along with keeping up my English skills) and sometimes just let out a big fat stream of consciousness. Right now I'm located in Finland at least for a year and if things go as planned in a year I'll be a happy psych student in Scotland. My passions  (or just generally things that make me happy)  are my dog, "seasonal" exercising and traveling  (when one's economy allows)

Not to scare and bore you with a novel for a start, thanks for visiting or getting lost and finding yourself from my page  (sorry not sorry)Nevertheless, hit me a comment if not busy, you just wanna tell you're hungry or if my scrawls and scribbles slightly touched your heart.


Little Bit Finnish


  1. "main cause behind this blog is pure lack of social life". I laugh out loud. This it so me it's not even funny. I have always wanted to visit Scotland so I'm very jealous! I've never been out of the US, but I hope to travel one day! Glad I found your blog and thanks for the comment :)

    1. Haha I really get "sarcastic" at times but that really fits me as well. Glad you found it relatable! And I've never been in Scotland either. Hopefully I'm healthy enough to go there. fingers crossed. And that's funny I've never been in US before haha. Definitely want to visit there some day! :)


"Good vibes boost better lives." Thanks for your comment! :)