26 Aug 2016

Off to the log cabin

Good morning world! I'm sipping my morning tea and slowly waking up to this day. I felt very anxious last night so had to take a med to calm down and fall asleep (this luckily doesn't happen too often). Now I feel very good actually. We are leaving to my family's summer cottage today and I'm so excited. There's nothing better than relax and do something "meaningless" at summer cottage. Our cottage is this very simple log cabin where is electricity but no running water (aka faucet). And most importantly: No TV! Which means there's plenty of time to do crossword puzzles (if I'm addicted to something it's crossword puzzles and lollipops! Oh and Twenty One Pilots ♥). Also one of my favorite things is kayaking. I'm quite a water bug so to say and love everything related to water (except fishing because I think it's cruel). But swimming, surfing, kayaking, rowing, skinny dipping (privately lol) etc. Hoping to get some inspiration to writing as well. Have a lovely day everybody, hang in there!

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