25 Aug 2016

"Sick leave"

I really feel like writing. Just don't know what. It's a bit of a struggle for me to write in English at times because I can't even think clearly in Finnish but I'll do my best. It's been a long day. I woke up 7.30 to take my dog out. To be honest I haven't been a morning person in a year. 11.00 am was early to me and I sometimes ate breakfast not until 1.00 pm. I'm quite happy I've been waking up early lately. And even crazier change can be seen; I like taking my dog out in the morning. Especially now when the summer is turning into fall and you can smell the fresh and cold air first thing when you open the door. Can't wait to get cozy, light up a few candles and wear woolly socks when watching Orange is The New Black from Netflix and there's windy and rainy fall weather outside. (Perks of living in Northern side of the globe lol.) Not that I didn't get enough time to rest tho. I've been on a sick leave about year and a half due to my illness which I'll for sure write more in the future. 

Because I feel happy right now  (which is not something to take for granted)  here's a few things I'm thankful of today:

My dog, family, grandparents who visited today, four seasons and curry rice. Amen.

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