8 Sep 2016


I can't stay still. No, not even today. I think it's still the medicine, Abilify. I've been eating it exactly 26 days, three weeks and five days. And yes, I'm still feeling restless. It feels like someone is tickling my whole body from inside. How long can I keep going like this? How long does it take these side effects to go away? Will they ever go? My mood has been up and down this week. Mainly because of some relationship issues, or the lack of them (lol). There's just this guy. The guy lives abroad, I have never even met him and we've been talking since April. And now this teeny tiny "thing" with this guy seems to be fading away as it was racing with summer's last breath. Dying as falling leaves, turning from green to grey. Dead. And I feel down, broken. Again.

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