16 Sep 2016

Feeling disconnected yet happy

I don't know what has happened in past few days but I'm feeling quite happy right now. And so felt I also yesterday. Though I'm sill suffering from derealization (slightly dissociated from surroundings -"disorder"). I've been suffering from that almost year and a half already and my nurse says it's possibly because of my extreme anxiety (and yet one of the scariest things I know). No one wants to feel like they see the world trough some "blurry glass" or disconnected to their surroundings or their own body. I believe my happiness and good mood has something to do with quitting Abilify and starting to do yoga everyday. I've been generally trying to be more active and do more physical things troughout the day. I really hope working out and breathing exercises trough yoga help me to cope with my "unreal" feelings and I can move on with my life, slowly and steady. Right now I feel like my recovery has taken a step forward. I guess that's something to be happy about? ♥

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  1. https://www.youtube.com/user/healedandrestored/videos

    hi. Have you listened to Andrews testimony?
    (Also check newage testimony on youtube..And ieva f)
    Jesus is the way. God bless.


"Good vibes boost better lives." Thanks for your comment! :)